As a young child, Dale Phillip, the Director of Books 4 Kids, recalls that some of her fondest memories are of her mother reading to her every night before bedtime. “We would choose the book (I had a lot of them) and then she would sit on the side of my bed and read the book, showing me the pictures as she read.” She states that her mother adored reading out loud, and she still remembers her favorite kids books, some of which are still in print 60 years later. As she attended school, her love of reading served her well, especially at Northwestern University, where she took several literature courses where reading numerous books was required. She also attended the U of Florence, Italy. After college,her work life began in the advertising business until she opened a women’s clothing store in 1980. Her lifelong desire was always to be an entrepreneur, and she enjoyed working for herself for many years both in North Carolina and in the Chicago area. Along the way, she enrolled in a speed reading course which has enabled her to read sometimes as much as a book a night. Several years ago she was reading an inspirational book by Pastor Joel Osteen, and he mentioned a remarkable woman by the name of Julia Burney Witherspoon, a retired police officer in Racine, Wisconsin, who began a non-profit when still active in the police force, giving out used children’s books to underprivileged pre-school children who frequently did not have even one book of their own at home. Her fellow police officers joined her in this project, and eventually she opened a facility where volunteers would read to children several days a week and offer free books to anyone who showed up. After corresponding with Officer Burney and speaking to her on the phone numerous times, she very generously shared information and business planning with Dale in order that she could carry on her work. Books 4 Kids is the result of her generosity, and Dale states that she is excited to be introducing this wonderful organization to the children of San Diego County and carrying on Julia’s legacy. Officer Burney is the epitome of how one person can make a difference in the lives of many, and she is unquestionably a humble hero in people’s eyes. Dale hopes you will join her in any way you can to help share and support this legacy with others. Thank you for visiting our website.

Ms Dale Phillip
Director, Books 4 Kids
San Diego CA